At Marshall Web Solutions we take pride in our work. Earnestly seeking your approval and pinpointing what you really want, then laying it out in a blue print and starting from scratch to build exactly what you want. We guarantee that we will work with you and redesign until your satisfied, no matter how many attempts, no matter how long the project.



Rent My Malibu Condo                                  The Law Offices Of JoAnn Jackson Kalama

ACS Computers                                             The Walton Company

Haven Carwash                                             Lilly bean Photography

Hemet East Center

BPD Electronics

Marshall Engineering Group

ACS Computer and Digital security Inc., 9/10

    ACS has been in business for around 30 years, they started off as a computer repair company and home and business network solutions and later added home and office security to their areas of expertise dabbling in web design. When I took on their project they had already had a website that was operational but not very functional. After seeing my work, ACS came to me wanting a new flavor and look to their website. We didn’t use much of the original website. Instead, we took on this project as a completely new project; creating a brand new templet and color scheme that they enjoyed. We reconfigured ACS’s logo a little, adding our finishing touch to make it spectacular.

    We highly enjoyed working with ACS and thank them for there support and efforts in strengthening our company as we strengthen theirs. We look forward to the future planned and unplanned projects that we have with their company.

Rent My Malibu Condo a James Smith Venture. 1/10

    James has been a great strength to Marshall Web Solutions from the day that we launched and on in to our future. What we created for James here is a relatively easy and smooth flowing website telling about his property in Malibu. The purpose of this website was not to attract traffic, but to allow interested prospective renters and guest an access on the web where they can see what they are getting.

    At the end of this project Mr. Smith thanked us for the wonderful, clean, and easy flowing pages that we designed for him and we would like to thank him for the wonderful opportunity to work with such a talented, entertaining and kind gentlemen. Our project with Mr. Smith are far reaching and we may yet see more works and masterpieces as we explore the many opportunities our relationship has brought us and will yet bring us.

Haven Carwash 5/10

    Haven Carwash has been around for many decades and has been a quite beautiful , scenic and tranquil corner. A stream raps around the entrance of the carwash and trees surround the property, a sense of purity surounds the whole property not like any other carwash. The owner, Nick Nazari, knew that he had a one of a kind experience enjoyed by many and wanted to let others know what a truly remarkable property he had. We met through the Claremont Club and began designing. What we ended up with is a beautiful, inviting, and descriptive rendition of a fine establishment. So pleased was Nick at our work that he recommended us to his cousin Moses to tell the story of Hemet East Center.

    Thanks to Nick and his wonderful ideas and unique property, Marshall Web Solutions owes much to you and your dream!

Hemet East Center 8/10

    Inspired By Haven Carwash, Moses Karimi wanted to inform people about Hemet East Center; a very eclectic gas station, car wash, mini mart and restaurant with drive through. Moses knew that driving by the public could not see nor appreciate this modern hang out. And so, Marshall took on our second Carwash/Gas station with a vision of greatness in mind. the goal was to create something easy to navigate, simple yet colorful, and full of pictures that show the great things Hemet East Center had to offer.

    At the end we were pleased that we had constructed an all telling beautiful simple website perfect for telling the locals what Hemet East Center had to offer. Thank you Moses for giving Marshall Web Solutions the opportunity to display your business and announce Hemet East Center to the world.

Marshall Engineering Group 9/10

    With our success accumulating, our sister company, Marshall Engineering Group decided it was time for a new look. And so, Marshall Web Solutions went to work designing the perfect website for an engineering firm.

BPD Electronics 11/10

    Mr. David met us through our website. When we started the project, David had no logo design but he knew roughly what he wanted it to look like. Our theme was to look very clean and organized with easy navigation. While the site is still under construction, we are excited and pleased by the progress and over all look and color scheme and are hard at work to make this website look and function to our clients expectations.