The Marshall Web Solutions Difference

“when I steeped on my black mac book and squashed the cd/dvd drive I took my mac book to best buy to see what could be done. I was told it would take several weeks to get it back and they had to charge me 80 dollar for the postage and that it could be 200 - 300 to fix it! I was really discouraged but I found marshall web solutions, I brought my computer in and in less then two hours I had it back and for only $75 a huge relief because i was planning to take a road trip that weekend. I have not had a problem with my computer ever since. thank you Josh and marshall web solutions for being so quick and cheep you saved my weekend and you saved my wallet”. - Michele Suan

“I was carrying my dell laptop in my backpack back and forth to school and a couple weeks ago I opened it and the screen was split. I could use it but I couldn't see the whole thing. I checked online to my dismay seeing prices as high as $1400 to replace a screen I thought i was going to just junk it and buy a new computer but marshall web solutions hooked me up. new screen installed and in less then a week. they ordered the screen and i didn't even have to give them the computer until the screen came in and i got it back that same day. and at a fraction of the cost of other places $250 and that was including the cost of a new screen. I love the way they operate”. -Mike Scott

“I was having some problems with my mac book pro over heating and since it was still under warrantee I brought it in to the Victoria Gardens apple store. it took them two weeks and they called me to come pick it up, so i went in to get it and they told me that there was a dent in the bottom of my computer case and that the dent voided my warrantee and that they didn't fix anything. I was so pissed, it kept working for a while so i kept using it. just a couple weeks later it wouldn’t boot up. I tried everything I brought it back to apple and they said they could fix it for $1200 and that it needed a new mother board and some kind of new chip. I ditched the computer and bought my brothers mac book air. a year later my brother took it to marshall web solutions after hearing about them through a friend. I just got it back and I’m sooo happy. I missed my old beauty. thank you marshall web solutions. it cost my brother $300 for the repair and I sold my mac book air and payed my brother back and I have money in my pocket! - Madisen

“When the economy started to get rough I had no budget to spend on advertising, it seemed that the advertising companies that i was using, AT&T yellow pages, and Verizon super yellow pages were asking more and more. It got to the point that I was spending so much on advertising and when i would look back through the website clicks and statistics for my website. there were no clients coming to me that the advertising was paying for. Seeking a better solution I decided to see what marshall web solutions could do for me and my website to attract a new demographic of clients. I am happy the way things are turning out with my new website and I no longer pay thousands to advertising companies and best of all my business is seeing more web clients then ever before while spending nothing on web advertising. thanks to marshall web solutions and the tactics they use we are doing more business and finally changing our financial situation. I know without a doubt marshall web solutions has done for my company many times more then I payed for”.

- William Marshall Raymond. Marshall Engineering Group