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About Marshall Web Solutions   

    Marshall Web Solutions was founded By William Joshua Marshall Raymond February of 2010. The company began on inspiration out of Mr. Raymond and his life long love for computers and his knowledge and studies of computer systems.   

    William is determined to provide low cost, simple, and effective web designs. “What we do that sets us apart from our competition is that we design websites that are light and quick that wont loose your clients to the affects of the web. And that means designing a website that looks great and functions quickly and seamlessly.”   

If you search the web today you will find a lot of sites with loading bars. The fact is that the minutes it takes to load your website can mean a huge difference to your customers. Studies show that 70% of people use computers that are too old or too slow to open a flash driven high performance website. Its a question of logic, and that is part of what you are getting when you higher a web designer.

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William Joshua Marshall Raymond

William Joshua Marshall Raymond was born in Provo, Utah and shortly there after moved to Glendora, California. At age 8, he built his first PC and learned dos and the C language from his father. Through elementary and high school he spent every chance he had taking apart and rebuilding anything and everything. He attended and completed 4 years at Brigham Young University, emphasizing in web development. However, he strongly believes that a degree is not necessary and are intended for non-business skilled people. Now managing a strong web development company, William plans to expand and deliver uniquely structured web designs, stylish logo designs, and amazing photography.

Kelli Jean Raymond

Kelli attended Brigham Young University Idaho for 1 year, attended Citrus College for 2 years, and is currently attending the Covina School of Photography. Kelli and Josh met in November of 2009, married in July of 2010 and are expecting there first baby in April of 2011. Kelli is a motivated and driven photographer of many talents. Currently building a portfolio, she is emphasizing in portraiture, wedding, and still shot.