Design VS. Templates

What a template really is, is a website designed by the user or the creator using a pre-developed page mirroring  work done without actually having searchable content. what you pay to a template company is usually under a hundred dollars + a maintenance fee and a hosting fee from anywhere from 150-1200 per year for a site that physically cannot be searched on the web. the difference is not drastic if the only traffic that you are looking for is word of mouth. If you need a website to show clients then use a template. however if you are seeking a website as a secondary form of marketing and as a self generating form of advertising a template will do you absolutely no good, you cannot be found on the web without costly advertising using a template. of course you can pay Verizon, AT&T, Google or any other search engine or advertising company thousands of dollars a month to list your website at the top of there servers to acquire the same amount of business as the self generating advertising you should and will get from a website that is fundamentally designed with your content. there are no tricks to getting a website the top rank on a search engine. Only content and titling wording and naming. things that would be a part of your template if it were not mirrored to a original. what you are left with in a template is a hollow and most often good looking empty shell.  Save your self the headache and expense later with a website designed and developed from scratch using the leading development software systems today from your web engineers, Marshall Web Designs.

Business owners have challenges when it comes to search engine optimization:

  1. Often, Google doesn’t even know their site exists (this is very common)

  2. Even if Google does know about their site, it never shows up in search engine listings.

  3. Even if their site does show up in some kind of search, it’s hardly ever the “keyword phrase” the owner would like.

  4. Even if the owner could dictate to Google what keywords to show the site for, most business owners don’t know which words and phrases are the money makers!

Our techniques are proven effective. Most likely the reason you landed on our page was through our efforts at search engine optimization!!!

Do you know your SEO?

A lot of things play into how search engines search your business. As web developers, we are constantly updating the newest trends in search engine optimizations. The web has become the chosen medium of the future. Would you trust all of your best tools for Public relations to someone with no background and no experience?

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A Template is a mirrored website turned into a picture and placed in its own folder and duplicated. the only real content on a template is the title. search engines cannot search on just a title. No matter how much content you put on your template website it will not change your rankings on search engines. So how do you know if you are using a template? there are a couple of things you can do to find out if you have been sold a template you can open up the source code of your website copy the content drop the content into a file rename the file with a .html extension and try opening it in a browser. if the site comes up exactly the way your site looks online its a template however if you are unfamiliar with text editors or how to make a .html file this can be very difficult to do. I am working on a quicker and easter method to checking but for now that is the easiest least complicated way to check. and of corse you can check with the maker of your website most of the time they will tell you if they are using templates or tell you what program they wrote your website with.