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Trademark and Logo Design for just $199

We know them as well as we know the shape of our state, or the colors of our flag: the trademarks and logos of America’s most respected companies. We know them because we see them out front, before we read a slogan, or take in a picture. They are the ‘signature’ of a company – a promise of a particular service or product that needs no explanation.

Where is your company’s signature?

Is it lost in a block of copy, or Flash Animation?

Is it simply a set of block letters, or a cute but meaningless design?

Here is the key to our success at designing trademarks and logos for our clients

Unlimited revisions! - our designers will work with you to make sure that your mark is exactly what you want with Unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied that you love the way your design looks.

Our designers will work with you, one on one, until you are satisfied with the design of your logo or trademark. We make this offer because we realize that if you are not 100% satisfied with your company’s signature, it won’t last. And if you are satisfied, that satisfaction will increase as time adds familiarity to the design.

To get started just fill out the convenient form on this page and a designer will contact you to begin the process. Or – if you wish to speak immediately to a design consultant, call us now at (626)344-7077.

Your Professional Identity – Our Professional Design

Every company needs a trademark or logo, but creating one with no experience is not an easy task to do. That’s why many companies outsource logo design. Why risk having just anybody doing it? You can have us professionals do it for you instead.

Our quality is guaranteed with our logo. You can have a professional logo done for only $199, with unlimited revisions done. You will also work one on one with your designer managing your project to come up with the logo.

Feel free to see what else we can offer for you, as we also offer many other services that can be useful to your business.

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